Monday, January 16, 2006

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Ahh...a dream to aspire to: I admire this woman's ability to buy so many white heels because I've yet to purchase a pair for fear they won't stay white. I really would like a pair, though. But I can't seem to find any that don't look like wedding shoes. Her knee-high boots stock is a little disappointing though... not as awesome as Mariah Carey's on MTV Cribs. Now that's a shoe horn I can hop onto.

Goddam, today I went out looking for an outfit boring enough, yet not too shameful for me to wear for my interview on Friday. I've been told that I need to dress less flashy and more boring for a legal office. Boo. And how productive was I today? I just got a pair of BCBGirls running shoes. Yeah, I need help. I wish it weren't so, but flats are gonna be big in the Spring/Summer '06. And when I wear flats, I qualify as a 'midget'. Waaahhhh!

People know that I have many shoes, but trust me, I personally know some that have a larger collection and far better. I should start some sort of a club where we document and lend our shoes to each other. I've lent out a couple before, but it'd be so sweet to "combine" our collections. Of course we'd have to be the same sizes... sizes 5-6! We shall be known as the 5-6 Shoe Club! Hahahaha...

...I need sleep.

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