Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Birthday, me!

Ahh... it's Sunday afternoon. The weekend isn't over yet, but my birthday weekend the best. And could it have been anything less? While I was being a drill seargeant getting plans together, I didn't have enough time to be a camera whore much. Friday night @ Mandarin's

It's a good thing I wore a dress with stretchy material, I was absolutely bloated after 5 plates of food and 3 of dessert. All day I had eaten only half a muffin and expired canned soup! Mmm! And then after, because I'm so smart, a bunch of us when to play laser tag at Laser Quest and I worked up a sweat and heartburn right after eating. It was fun, but holy indigestion. And the perfect end to the evening: word games @ Tim Horton's. :p Special shoutouts to Ishara and April from coming all the way from Scarborough and Etobicoke to Mississauga for less than 2 hours. I "less than 3" you guys!

Saturday night @ York Event Theatre

I haven't gotten pictures from last night at Sarah S's and the York Event Theatre. But I don't need the pictures to describe how amazing it was! Mostly amazing due to the fact that there was a lot of pessimism and doubt that we'd get be able to get 15 of us in before 11:30 (free for ladies, half price for guys) but nonetheless at midnight and $10 a person later, we were in and from then it was clear sailing. Plenty of hot guys and plenty of hot chicks, good for everyone. So many Asians packed into one big classy venue.

The music was good and I thank everyone who came who don't usually listen to that stuff (hip hop and R&B) for putting up with it and not being wallflowers! The best part was when they played Mike Jones (because clubs never play him and I haven't heard him on the radio) and Cuong did the Tony Yayo face thing. Oh and the lion dance was a nice touch. Ahh.. and that's all I can remember. I'm just so grateful everyone ended up coming and noone went home when they wanted to when I scared them by telling them the cover was $20, instead of 10. You guys are true true friends.

I'm so dehydrated from last night because they didn't give out cups of water at the place -_- so right now I'm downing 12 oz of OJ and willing my headache to go away (not a hangover headache, a dehydration headache). Oh well, I had a great birthday anyways. Thanks guys!

Time to get started on school for once. Uhhhhhhhhh.

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