Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My So-Called Life

Had nothing better to do today, so I went alllllll the way to the sleepy town of St.Catherine's to Brock University with my dear friend, Anand. I can't believe he travels all that way to school. Geez.

So during our mini "road trip" we got to gossiping about people from our school and how they've fared post-highschool. It still truly amazes me how people are, just when you think you know them, especially if you've known most of the people you went to school with most of your life. Wow. Some people have changed alot, for better and for worse. Without getting into any details (because what kinda friend would I be? ;)), I learned that people definitely weren't what they seemed in highschool. I now see a lot of people in a whole new light. Some people have made the front pages of newspapers, some people were leading scandolous lives which won't likely be brought to light any time soon. Regardless, at least my highschool wasn't full of people leading seemingly normal lives as I once assumed. GFSS, you may be full of pedophiles, murderers and two-timers, but I still have a special place in my heart for you.

So... am I the only one that has yet to lead an "interesting" life? Whether it be scandolous, awe-inspiring, or out-of-this-world spit-on-your-neck thrilling, I don't think I can identify anything in particular that would even compare to any of those descriptions. Hmm. This chick needs to spice up the flava a l'il, I guess?

My gossip-fest has once again made me well-aware of how naive I am to the world. The fairy-tale lies I've been fed my entire childhood have proven to me that we don't live in a world with fairy-tale endings. At least, not likely for me. I mean, what are the odds? Sure, at the beginning we strive for a "fairy-tale ending", but as life progresses we're honestly just trying to get by. Shit happens and we adjust our lives to accommodate that shit. Even if we're married to that shit and we don't really know how shitty they are, we accommodate even if it's not what we had dreamt of. Man, life's a bitch, eh?

Perhaps I should be grateful that my less than "scandolous, awe-inspiring, or out-of-this-world spit-on-your-neck thrilling" life hasn't achieved it's full potential and I should be happy with what I've got right now.

P.S. Download and listen (About the Album>Download) to Reggaeton Ninos - "Oye Mi Canto" if you wanna dance.

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