Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Familiarizing with the Unfamiliar

Damn, I wish I could look as posh (haha) and poised as Victoria Beckham when I'm just sitting in a skirt and heels...at Chanel in Paris. teehee. I love how her little purse is just sitting there on the floor in front of her. Like, a purposeful pose for a photo op.

Hella tired right now. 8am class and then hopped downtown to mind the Humber booth at the Legal Education Convention down at the Convention Centre. Made off with oodles of goodies and hopefully left a good impression to some potential employers. *fingers crossed. I left a pile of my resumes and cover letters next to the brochures and my coordinator was impressed, so I was pretty proud of that. If that doesn't spell out desperate for employment, I don't know what will.

While I was downtown I couldn't help but get myself equestrian boots I've wanted forever. On sale. Woo hoo, happy birthday to me.

I also saw the funnest thing today. That wasn't a spelling mistake, it truly was described as "fun". I saw a man with long hair, wear a short dress and carry a purse today. No shitting. I almost didn't notice him but he was walking towards me and my friend didn't even notice him. It was kinda amusing because he wasn't even trying to be feminine. No makeup, no fuss, not even clean-shaven. 5 o'clock shadow and pale white skin was right there in plain sight for all to see. I thought most drags were high maintenance. He was just strolling through the Eaton Centre as if it were a normal day, as if he were a normal woman.

I say it was the funnest thing I saw today because for some reason it lifted my mood. I didn't even laugh out loud. I don't know what was more refreshing: the fact that he had enough courage to put himself out there (because not enough people do, including me) or the fact that it was my first real encounter with an "unfamiliar" (i.e. something I definitely wouldn't normally see outside of the city). While I appreciate a more fashion-conscious and more style-aware type of drag (like BryanBoy), it was definitely the high point of my day. Not even all the freebies I got today could top that!

Huh, how 'bout that? A stranger in a bad dress lifted my mood today.

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Kathy said...

Aw, I want freebies.