Sunday, January 15, 2006


And I'm not afraid to admit it!! Sure, he's married to some bitch and they have a family and such, but he's still the only white boy I've ever loved. Despite popular belief, I never thought he looked like a girl. Yeah, I can see how the long hair could throw one off, but it's so white trash and he's from Oklahoma. What can ya do. He still has the longish hair, but he's still fucking gorgeous.

Why the nostalgia? I was just watching some old Hanson videos on Winamp streaming videos and it just brought back so many memories. I remember the crazier Hanson fans would pick apart each of their vids, pointing out little bloopers. Now that's true fandom. And craziness.

I still have my little "shrine", aka a shoebox filled with all the Hanson posters I once wallpapered my wall with and articles I collected during the height of their popularity. I've thought about tossing it out, but perished the thought soon after. This is a representation of how typical my adolesence was. Every girl at one point obsessed over some sort of boy band or boy, and mine was Hanson (I don't care how popular Backstreet Boys still is, they still suck).

And in case you were wondering, Hanson isn't dead. They're still making music, indie of course. I don't really listen to them as much now, but I still love reminscing a time where I was so carefree and oblivious to a world outside pop culture, parties and alcohol.

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