Sunday, January 08, 2006

Until next time...

Well, I go back to class tomorrow. Blahhhh. I wish the break was a tad longer, just to be able to stay up at crazy hours of the morning and sleep in till early evening. Aaahhh.. tomorrow's class starts at 12:40 pm, so it's an OK transition.

I had quite the weekend. Friday, Mel's bday; Saturday, spent the whole day with the girls (meant to go to Niagara but Mother Nature has her way of ruining plans) and I spent the day chillin', family dinner, and then skating at City Hallwith the boys. Aaahh, I'm satisfied for now. Until the next break, which for me is February 20th<--mark that in your calendars and flog me with plans!

Unlike the recent unseasonable warm weather we've been having, hopefully in February it'll be prime snowboarding weather, at least. I have to say, I really don't mind the 'warm' weather at this time. It's nice not to have to always wear boots all the time and commute to school without freezing my bussing ass. It's 7 degrees on Thursday, cha-ching!...

I still didn't really do everything I planned on doing during the 3-week break: fix my goddam computer!, finish my scrapbook, fix my computer, chill with other friends that I don't usually see, fix my computer, clubbing downtown, fix my computer, and play poker<--what a fucking lie, I had chips coming out of my ass the last three weeks.

I think there's a poker night coming up this weekend. Good grief. I hope this time we can squeeze in the karaoke-ing, guys!

Until next time...!

Things to do this week: ~buy zipper for Sarah's bag ~lunch w/ Jez ~see Hostel in the middle of the day! (someone go see it and tell me if I'd be able to take it) ~buy school supplies

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