Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Kids are ALRIGHT.

I know I speak enough about how I'm disappointed in the younger generations. They never to cease to disappoint me, honestly. Not to say that I wasn't a prime example of disappointment to the future of our world at some point in my adolesence, but I've grown up and wised up (in a sense).

Everyday when I pick up the newspaper, I can't go a day without reading about some gun violence or murders committed by young'ns. I'm not even gonna begin to criticize parenting and role models in the media these days, for this entry is not about the disparing state of our future, but the promising future I see in a few kids I've met. They give me hope that the future of this planet is not completely doomed.

During the summer, I met kids. I met bad kids. I met noisy kids. I met crazy kids. I met funny kids. And I met good kids. I admit, I do take them for granted. Afterall, I don't interact with them on a daily basis. So after this summer, I realized by actually getting to know some of them, they're not so bad. Sometimes. Haha.

I'd like to showcase a couple guys I met while working at the drop-in. They were volunteers and surprisingly they were 15, the same age as kids who'd normally drop in. So right there it shows integrity that they want to make a difference (and make up their 40-hour volunteer requirement to graduated, lol). It's really not everyday that I meet people (of any age!) who actually have the willpower to get off their asses and go for what they want. I admire these guys because they're starting at such a young age, something I'd never dream of doing when I was 15. What was I doing when I was 15? I believe I was mostly concerned about having parties and chilling.

One of them, Hugo, is trying to break into the hip hop industry. I actually know older guys who are currently doing that, but I admire this guy because he's humble, down to earth and hilarious. Most of the guys I know who are trying to get in "the game" are money-driven and on an ego trip. Hugo's not arrogant or 50 Cent-like, which I think is a relief because I'm so frustrated with the amount of young kids who look up to "fitty". He goes by "T-Rox" and you can check him out here. No, I'm not selling out. Noone's paying me to advertise him. I just think he's pretty good, and he's a friend so here's me helping him out. Ha. (but if I see a sticker plastered to the window of a bus advertising his 'new joint', this is coming down)

The other guy really impresses me. Jeff's starting a hip hop clothing company with a couple of friends and it looks promising. When I first met him, he said he liked shopping. At first, I'm thinking "gay" but I got to know him and he's pretty cool. He seems to love shoes (!) and I don't think he's gay. And he's Chinese. So he deseves a shoutout here. In fact, I think he's in this with this another guy I know, Sydney, because he's on the website. Sydney's a lady's man, from what I gather. The guy's had a lot of girlfriends in his young life, lol. I think Jeff's in the middle, Sydney's far right. What impresses me the most is that these guys aren't starting a business as a 'get-rich-quick' thing, they're actually quite studious from what I've learned about them. That's a lot more than how I was at 15.

So there you have it. I admit it. Not all kids are that bad. They're alright. They aiiiiiight. With the exception of a few, some, most bad apples, I'm not completely put off by adolescents these days. They just need a little work and their parents need to be slapped around a lil. And that's all I'll say on that.

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