Thursday, November 17, 2005

Move over, Martha. Domestic Diva Lil coming through.

Week's...almost... over!

I don't have class tomorrow, but I'm meeting with my group tomorrow downtown to work on our Immigration project. This time we've got a great group, because we're all friends, and we all love shopping. After lunch, we're gonna check out the new Winners on Bloor Street. A perfect end to a school week, if you ask me.

Lately, I've reminded myself why I hate shopping at malls. Everything is oh-so-generic and everything that's oh-so-unique has been oh-so-marked up in price. Gotta love retail during the holiday seasons.

So, inspired by a request from a classmate to make her something, I've decided I will do that with the rest of my Christmas gifts. Because frankly, it's fun for me, a thoughtful gift for my friends and a lot easier than walking around a mall silently reminding myself that I'm not shopping for myself.

So I dug around my box of fabrics, the box of which I've tucked away for months since I haven't felt inspired to sew anything in the past few months. I managed to waste a good 3 hours (I really should've been starting my Ethics essay) and made a "test-run" and came out with this:

Okay, so for now, I can make skirts and lil purses. And I can make some pretty decent cupcakes. So now I've got almost everyone covered on my list. The dilemma is now time. I have three more weeks left of school, in which I have to squeeze in a couple more assignments and projects, plus studying time for exams especially now that they will all be in a span of one week.

Before I had so little ideas, and so much time. Now I've just got so many ideas and not enough time. How did that happen?

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