Friday, November 04, 2005

Retail Therapy: it doesn't work.

I think I have a problem, and I'm taking the first step by admitting that. Lately I can't leave a mall without purchasing something. Something that will give me some temporary comfort in filling a void in my life. They say when you're upset you shouldn't rely on things like smoking or drinking because you tend to rely on it everytime you're upset. I think the same can be said for shopping.

This month I intend on finishing my Christmas shopping before December. I can't stand the Christmas rush during the holidays. I hate rushed shopping and even more, I hate the crowds. So I've made a resolution to start now. How many presents have I bought for others so far? 0. How many presents did I buy myself? Um, well where do I begin?

Today I went to Yorkdale, intending to at least start Christmas shopping. I left the mall with Christmas gift ideas, a belt and a pair of earrings. Good job, Lil. I don't feel too bad, though. My shopping buddy, Ishara bought over $200 worth of stuff. So ha.

We traversed the entire mall because she wanted similar thigh high boots like mine (I know, I'm such an inspiration :p) and amongst the hundreds of Mukluks and cowboy boots, we finally found some at Zara ($50 over her intended budget). Her mission accomplished, my feet hurt like a mofo. At least I finally got to explore the newly renovated mall for like, 3 hours! It's nice to have friends who don't mind shopping for hours on end without complaining! Thanks, Ish!

I know all the shopping I've done in the past two weeks will be all in vain. Afterall, after all that retail therapy I'm still back at square one (hopefully, not the mall!) and I still have to face the next day. So they really shouldn't call it 'retail therapy'. It should be called "Retail Tylenol" because although quick-acting and extra strength, needless shopping only gets rid of the pain for a few hours.


Kathy said...

Lately, I kind of like shopping and jewellery and clothes too much for my own good. I blame you! LOL. This comes from spending so much time with you during the summer. So....Boxing Day shopping at Heartland during the break? I'm really looking forward to it. I want to go to Futureshop though, =p.

Dev said...

wat u SHOULD do is try to go with no intention. taunt ur habits and try to control them under those situations. and yes, i kno thas kinda hard with an addiction, but thas y u need ppl to do it with. or u should go for other ppl, like if they need ur flair and fashion sense. go but dont buy. c'mon lil, u have more clothing inventory than a corporate owned, child laboured chinese factory.