Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I am just too much.

Six more weeks till Christmas break! Can you smell it? Can you feel it? I definitely do. Who here is sick of me counting down the weeks till then? *raises hand.

Where's the goddam snow?! I want that luscious white gold gliding under my board come December!

Who here is sick of me ranting about the lack of snow? *raises hand.

Speaking of Christmas, I encourage everyone to create an online wishlist. Trust, it's much easier for everyone. You don't even have to create an entire list in one sitting because not all of it will come to you (unless you've just run up an entire wishlist all year, you greedy bitch). Whenever something pops into your mind just jot it down or race to the nearest computer with internet connection and plug it in. Easy as that. And let's face it, noone really gets you what you want unless you explicitly say so or get it yourself. The beauty of this site is that whenever someone gets you something from your list, it'll be checked off so you don't get the same thing twice. Although that isn't entirely a terrible thing.

And you can conveniently find my wishlist on the list of links on your right or right here. Please note that I don't discriminate on colour and whatnot so don't concern yourself with that. I love all gifts that come my way, especially the ones I lavish on myself. This is basically just a compilation of things I want and plan on getting when the appropriate funds come my way and also so people can stop bugging me with the bi-annual question of what I want for Christmast/birthday.

Happy window-shopping, everyone! And post your wishlist links in the comments or something for mine and everyone's, convenience.

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