Saturday, November 19, 2005

5 girls + shopping addiction = good day

I can't sleep. I think it has something to do with the Peppermint Mocha I had from Starbucks late in the afternoon. Dammit. Oh well. My evening hasn't been unproductive. I finished a skirt and a bag, instead of going out and spending my money on clubbing. Yay, me. I chose to stay home tonight also because I spent too much money today.

Went downtown, had the group meeting, went to the new Winners on Bloor Street (absolute pandemonium), made off with shoes and a pair of nude, seamless underwear. We spent 10% of our time at the library befor we got too anxious to go shopping and shopped for a good 3 hours. Whew!

Today it finally snowed. And I mean, really snowed. The kind of snow where it doesn't melt away immediately. Lovely snow. I didn't mind it too much because I prepared for the weather: Uggs, legwarmers, armwarmers, layers. Shopping bags, cup of coffee, warm clothes, snow falling around me, crowds, noise. Perfect. Downtown will now be my home away from home. Sorry, clubdev, you've been replaced.

*sigh. I really need to get out of the suburbs. I recall driving around with a friend of mine last week. We didn't want to go home, and we really wanted something to do. But eventually he had to drive me home because we realized there's aboslutely nothing to do around here but cause trouble. We need to have more places here opened at ungodly hours of the night, not just crummy (yet reliable) Timmy's.

Remember the days of late night bbl tea at Chat & Tea? Sure, we also have our 24-hour pho place. Too bad we don't have all-night hocker stands, just like they do in Asia. Nothing beats the foods you want whenever you crave it.

Speaking of which, my stomach is growling.

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