Sunday, March 11, 2007

You can always rely on the kindness of strangers...

The greatest validation to a woman is not giving her flowers or saying 'I love you'. It's not even giving her diamonds. Um, wait. Scratch that last part out. Diamonds help, but it probably couldn't top what I experienced today.

Today I forgoed going snowboarding and opted to finally take my Employment Law text book out of its delivery box (yep, haven't even cracked it open all semester) and go to the library to study for my exam this week. For once, I was way too lazy and tired to put makeup on except for foundation. I hate to admit it, but Nam was right when he said that wearing make up is like smoking (although I do not agree that smoking is neither bad nor good. IT IS BAD.). I cannot fathom leaving home without it and I really do wonder if I could go on living my life for a week without it (he challenged me).

Anyhoo, it was such a nice day today that as I was walking home I got myself some ice cream (although I contemplated whether I even deserved it because studying was a dud). A tall, dark and handsome stranger approached me and started talking to me. He asked for my number and I gave him mine. I don't normally do that, but why did I do it this time? Because I was so flattered that this guy was even hitting on me, makeup-less and all.

I'm sure for a lot of women, makeup is a pre-requisite to leaving the house. Guys will never understand why we do it, but I believe that they are the answer (as much as they fail to believe it). We do it for them, and deep, deep down inside, we do it for each other. And if you think about it, it's a really sick way of thinking but it's unfortunately true in this day and age. I try not to think that way but my theory is always confirmed whenever my guy friends see a picture of a makeupless Eva Longoria.

In my lifetime I've only been noted to be beautiful with or without my makeup by two guys: my dad (because he's my dad and dads have to say that) and my first love. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I fell in love with my first love. A comment like that from him was a million times better than any present that he could ever give me. So guys, if you're ever broke or can't think of anything else to get your girl, do this: go to Walmart, buy makeup remover, give it to your girl and tell her she's beautiful. (And if you can't mean it, give her diamonds. LOL)

Which is why I didn't give it a second thought to giving this strange guy my number (not to mention that he was good-looking and friendly). It really made my day, no, month. I don't even care if this guy calls me and I don't see when I'll have the time (or drive) to call this guy myself. I've been so stressed out these past few months that it has affected my attitude, self-confidence and my relationships. I'm really not acting the way I should be and I don't like how I've been as of late. I really needed it. Thank you, man.


Inky said...

That picture of Eva Longoria without makeup just made my day!

Paul Kishimoto said...

Unfortunately, because wearing makeup is like smoking, asking someone to go without is like asking a smoker to give up her habit - or like pulling teeth - regardless of how many times you tell her she's beautiful. Believe me, I've tried!

Also: "forwent"

spinderella said...

For some reason, I knew you were gonna correct me on 'forgoed', Paul. I just went with it anyway, because i CAN.

kathy said...

I think men and women should be more like peacocks and peahens. They should be the ones to wear their hair long, worry about how they look, and wear make-up and high-heels to attract us.

Or at the very least, the effort should be equal. It's unfair that a guy can get away without shaving and grooming and can walk around in sweats, and can be seen as 'rugged' or 'sexy'(or not really have anyone think anything of them), but when girls do the same thing, they're considered slobs. Especially by other girls. It's infuriating when I think about it. Especially since I think guys already have the better end of the bargain. Argh! The more I talk about it, the angrier I get! I should leave before I explode.