Thursday, March 29, 2007

Idol Minds, Idle Hearts

I laugh a little whenever I think back to my 'idol days'. I think most girls go through this phase: whether it be a pop star, rock star, movie star, gaseous star, we all had that one star we seriously fantasized touching/meeting/marrying/fucking. Looking back on it now, I realize how foolish I was to have spent all that allowance money on posters, albums, books, memorabilia, tickets... you name it. Well, I guess 'waste' is not an appropriate term. That was my childhood and I don't regret my childhood, although I do feel stupid for possibly ruining my parent's walls from wallpapering my bedroom with Hanson posters. In any case, I'm very grateful I had a childhood, because alot of people lose it pretty damn early or don't get one at all. And in some cases... they don't seem to grow up.

I'm amazed that someone older than me is able to still feel those teenage delusional idol feelings. I guess this is what they call a mental illness and I know that it is not uncommon. And it seems to run in the family. I recall my dad always telling me to never 'worship anybody' and mocking me for my absurdities. This chick's dad... man, as loony as the girl herself. I have no words although I guess you do have to sympathize with him because his heart was in the right place, but his head was not. So glad I grew up (I knew I had to let go when Taylor got married and had babies).


Today I had my Honour Roll Pin ceremony, quite possibly my last since I don't feel as I'm doing too hot this semester. Ah well, best while I can enjoy it. Enjoy the great free food, that is! If there's anything I can say about my school, it would be that they cater awesome food. That's one comfort I have as to where my tuition dollars are going to.

Oh yes, and a special shoutout goes out to my good friend and classmate, Ishara. Her interview with The Toronto Star also happened to come out today.


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