Thursday, March 22, 2007

Diesel for the Spring

Happy Spring, everyone. I wholeheartedly welcome double-digit temperatures and being able to wear running shoes for the first time in a long time. Yeeeee haw.

Yesterday I welcomed this new season with some new designer duds from the Diesel/Lacoste Warehouse Sample sale in Scarborough. All the way there, you say? Well, it was well worth the trip. Especially for Nam, and I'll explain why in a bit. I ended up going with Cuong, Nam and Alex; they are three of the most unlikely fashionista cohorts, but were not totally useless.

Of course, before we went, I didn't even mention to the guys that we would likely encounter line ups, scavenging, communal fitting rooms and crazed women fighting over jeans and shoes, as per my usual visits to these madhouses. What's the point in scaring them? We got there around 5 pm, and it wasn't as bad as I had feared. The line-up wasn't too bad (like a 25-minute wait as opposed to a 2-hour wait at a Puma sale) and for that late in the day (the sale opened at 10 am that morning), the selection was good. Well, almost. All the good women's Lacoste shoes were pretty much dismal and the size selection was not to my regard (oh, why didn't I go with Dev and Sarah S earlier in the day?). However, I still managed to land a pair of nice jeans and a coat and besides, I still have a pair of Lacostes from last year that are still sitting in the shoe box. Let's not be greedy, here.

I had to try and dissuade Alex from being a label whore (and a potential fashion victim) in his quest for any piece of clothing with a big, huge logo. Oh, why do people do this to themselves? To me, it's sort of like self-deprication. To others, I guess it's just worth the money to pay for the name if it gives you ....whatever it is you're looking for (while I'd rather pay the money for the quality). To my relief, everyone, but Cuong got something because at least it wasn't a total waste of a 45-minute-rush-hour-traffic-radio-singing trip to 'Scarlem'. It was especially rewarding for Nam because while Alex and I were about $250 bucks in the hole, let's just say Nam gained...$75 worth of goods, to be exact ($275 retail).

We left at about 7 pm and the line was ridiculous. Car-line-up-down-the-street ridiculous. Thank goodness we went there a bit earlier. And for those of you planning to go, good luck finding stuff because they apparently put out stuff for the first two days and the next two days is absolute shit (unless you wear an XL in everything and a size 42 in jeans).

Shopping is a workout so we got some Pho for dinner and then met up with some people for bowling. I can't believe I am able to do all this in the middle of the week and I'm going to miss just hanging out like this. I will cherish this for as long as I can (3 weeks) before I graduate and start working and living the rest of my working life yearning to go early to sample sales in the middle of the day. That's the life.

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