Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ride West

Ahoy-hoy! I got back from Windsor early this evening. I'm really glad I decided to go because as I've mentioned before--I needed it. And what a nice change of pace to go on a road trip with girls than with boys (because boys do crazy stupid shit like getting on to an exit ramp between pylons!). Three hours there, three hours back. Jeff, I dunno how you do it.

It wasn't until Friday night and Sarah reminded me to bring a green top that I realized that... I don't wear green. At least, not in my clothes. I have green shoes, green purses... no green top. So I got one, thinking it would be for Saturday night. We left for Windsor on Saturday afternoon and I get into the car...and I didn't realize there was a dress code for this trip. Everyone was wearing green but yours truly. Fuck the what.

^The Black Sheep
The road trip was long, and not very eventful (I like road trips, but I hate that there is nothing but farms and land between the destinations). My personal favourite thing on road trips are the pit stops. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but something about the fact that everyone in the place is in transit is like being in an airport: everyone is from a different background and going to different places. They are strangers you will never meet, but it's as if they are people you've encountered and you can scratch those people off the list of 6billion people in this world--and that's a lot of people. Kinda makes the world feel freakin' huge. Cuz it is. Also, one thing I like about pit stops: the novelties. T-shirts with ghey-ass slogans, over-priced candy, and the funny toiletries in the bathroom for those in transit.
^One-time use toothbrushes with self-contained toothpaste for just a dollar? What a steal!
We arrived at Windsor, a little bewildered, I would say. I guess we were a little amazed at the 'culture' that is Windsor. That's what you get when you pluck city girls into a place like Windsor. Nonetheless, we made do. We piled into Jeff's tiny rez to his equally tiny dorm room where we planned to stay for the night. 5 people in one room, you say? It was quite the fire hazard, but dammit, we did it.

We kinda chilled around for a bit before we decked out in our finest greens for some St. Patty's day pre-drinking. We around to a couple of floors where other students were getting in the spirit. It was kinda nice to sort of experience rez-life in that sense: the togetherness, the dirtiness, and the drunkeness.

^Let the drinking begin!
^Productive use of my weekend
^Haha this picture looks awesome because she looks like she knows what she's doing
^Goddam Facebook
^Nice purse, Jeff.
^Just for the record, this isn't Jeff's room. Jeff doesn't condone the colour pink.
^Ready for a par-tay
^"I said 'Go to bed in room 1012'" "Oooh, I thought you said go to bread."
^LOL Vicki think she looks like the chick on my book
^Me, after one drink. Drinking is not my champion sport.
We eventually took a [cheap] cab ride downtown to The Beach, a pub/club/pool hall. I really liked it there because it had something for everyone, especially those who have very different tastes in 'fun': Jeff, watching hockey games; me, dancing. In terms of guy-scoping, we were supposed to party with Jeff's hockey mates, but he lost his phone and couldn't reach them. That wasn't too bad, though because there were plenty of drunk guys at The Beach. I even met this not-too-shabby Irish guy, but he turned out to be a smoker ("But I only smoke when I drink" "Sorry, you're a smoker") who wasn't even wearing green. Pfft. Even I was wearing green.
^Outside The Beach
^I'm still dressing myself
^HAHA, we didn't even wait for Jeff to put his lime in
^Two for me!
^Jello shots!
^The people of Windsor, they have no fashion taste
^Vicki knew like, all the songs being played
^Me and Sarah dancing on speakers. We attracted quite the audience
^Guy dancing on table
^Me and Sarah dancing on the table. Sorry for blocking the hockey view, Jeff
^Take off that silly-ass hat
^Vicki taking a breathalyzer
^Jeff looking like a guido
^"This song is dedicated to me stupid fans..."
^LOL my Uggs ruined the bad-ass disposition
We eventually came back to the room and ordered some chinese. We crashed around 3 am which is actually quite an early night for us but we started drinking so early. Vicki and I slept on the bed, Sarah and Diane on the mattress and good ol' Jeff pulled a couch from the common room and somehow squeezed himself in with us. In the morning, he even bought us a big breakfast. Thanks again for the southern hospitality, Jeff. ^_^

What a great weekend. I got a chance to actually let loose and get away from my mental problems here. Did I actually achieve in sorting out what I needed to sort out? No, not really. A drunk mind kinda just takes you away from your problems, not solve them. I guess I always knew I'd have to come back and figure them out again. The trip to Windsor just put a pause on everything, but it's back to the daily grind for my mind. This weekend had my 5 stars. So what did Jeff think about the weekend?

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