Saturday, March 31, 2007

She's, like, winded

I'm truly amazed I was able to work a full day without caffeine yesterday. YES! I can live without caffeine, although I will probably be relying on it for the next couple of weeks, what with assignments and exams and stuff. Instead of my usual latte or mocha, I decided to try a fruit smoothie from Freshly Squeezed. Someone once told me that they can be refreshing, and to me, that sounds like it could be a natural and better solution to caffeine. It didn't give me the shakes like a Second Cup, but it did keep me moving yesterday. And it even kept me awake for Poker last night, in which I tied for first with Alex. We just split the pot because my fruit high was coming down at about 1:30 am. Ah well, it was a productive day: I handled the office on my own, met with clients, did a closing and I made money for bus fare for the week. Now, if only I could get those 4 Philosophy papers done for the week. Not fucking likely.

I cannot wait for my two weeks off from work in a week. Sure, I'll be using most all of that time for studying and working on assignments, but it will be nice to just be a student again. And then after that... a worker. For the rest of my life... I can't believe my brothers were right. I used to always bitch and complain about school and how I yearned for the freedom of books and the ability to make money and have fun. They said I'd miss school. School hasn't even ended but I can already feel that I will dread not having the freedom that being a student gave me: more sleep (I'm not one of those 24-hour studiers. More like the 24 hours-before-the-exam type), more time to do personal things (like shop after class, take long-ass lunches), and yes, even the people. That is, people my age.

When you enter the real world, you are not thrown into a pool of people you can relate to or those who have similar interests. You are thrown into a pool of people who are unfamiliar to you, people you once looked at differently, people who have children and mortgages. Sometimes, I don't even feel like an adult. I feel like a child in an office, just trying to be on my best behaviour and doing what I'm expected to do. I can't even imagine people working under me, which I'm to expect when I graduate and that honestly scares the crap out of me. So many things to worry about like whether you're directions are right, or whether they like you or whether they'll resent you so much that they'll show up at the office one day with a shotgun...

I did ask for this, though, huh? How does that saying go? 'Be careful what you wish for'? All those childhood years dreaming, wishing I was an adult. I look at kids now and their P.A. Days and yearn for the days when I'd stay home alone and just watch soaps and Fresh Prince all the live long day. How ironic is it that now I have to work my butt off to get rich enough to be able to do that in my old age?

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