Saturday, March 17, 2007

This is not a 'blog' entry.

Anna Wintour hates 'blogs'. I so have to agree with her (as I do on many things): 'blog' is not a word. On that note, there are other words that have been invented on the internet that really does not need to be used in the English language.

Where did this word come from anyway? Without doing further Google or Wikipedia research, I'm assuming it became a slurred version of 'web log'. How hard can it be to find an alternative word? Journal, log, ledger... I'd even prefer 'diary' as much as it reminds me of those cheap ass pink notebooks with those cheap ass locks. I also hate these new 'web words' that pop out of nowhere. How is one supposed to catch up with the lingo if they don't play World of Warcraft?

I'm finally taking that much-needed mini-vacation this weekend that I've been oh-so craving these past few weeks. It'll be nice to just get away, go on a road trip with the girls and not think about... shit going on here. Or the shit that runs through my mind when I'm here. Hahaha. Just hoping to get away, get drunk, do something stupid, come back and then hopefully I'll have things figured out by then (and finish the assignments due this week?).


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