Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, my chili Kon-Kon

Last night we celebrated Konrad's 23rd birthday. The bastard wasn't man enough to pick up a phone, much less message me over MSN to invite me. No, he had to use Facebook. Goddamn Facebook. But this isn't gonna be another Facebook rant (I'll save that for next week), it's a birthday rant entry.

We started the night off at Konrad's for pre-drinking and generally to meet up before we headed to Philthy McNasty's via public transportation. I really hate the name of this place, I don't know why. Something so ironically unfunny about the name, I guess. In any case, besides the name, the place was good. Just enough bar, just enough dance floor, it was just enough. Not to mention the 'ladies free' concept, this place is a good place for a mix of friends who may or may not be of the part-ay type. Also, I found $2 on the floor ("...and the drinks are on me!"). What a fantabulous evening.

After we got back to Mississauga, we continued to party at Konrad's until the ungodly hour of 4 am (for me, at least). I wonder how much longer I can keep up the late-night part-aying at this age (Konrad and I came to the sad realization that we've known each other for a decade. FUCK). Hopefully forever.

By request of the birthday boy, I am restricted from posting embarrassing/drunk/slutty/questionable pictures of Konrad... and so, here begins the portraits of the rest of the embarrassingly drunk, slutty and questionable bunch:

^Quick! Who can take the picture first?
^Questionable Louise and Slutty Paul
^Drunk Louise
^I forgot the name of this drink
^But clearly Whit bites Justin's dust
^Slutty Louise
^"I dress myself!": Louise helps me get dressed because clearly I don't know how to
^Sayward, Bev and Paul

^Slutty Mel ^Embarrassing/slutty/drunk/questionable Justin ^Drunk Whitney ^Slutty Vicki ^No words ^"...this big." ^1... ^2... ^3! ^Can of Tuborg on the TTC, the Ski Patrol jacket...oh, Konrad ^Say-Say and Bev-Bev ^Slutty Louise, Embarrassing Paul, Slutty Me ^Vicki and Sarah ^Jessica and Kon ^~_- ^Vicki, me and Justin ^I'm tired of captioning... the rest are self-explantory ^Y'all are lucky your noses are clean ^Konrad talking to some chick... does this count as embarrassing?

^Ahh, 10 years strong ^Doing crosswords and Sudoku whilst drunk ^Signature Jeff pose. What's a thumbs down moment like?

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melissa said...

LOL. these pics are fun.
It took me a while to figure out whose hand is whose in one pic... =P.

LOL. @ Konrad talking to random chick.

Successful pic of Cutter, whom avoided the camera! Huzzah.