Saturday, March 03, 2007

Friday Night Weeeeeeeee!

Last night I allowed my tired 10-hour-workday ass out of the house and agreed to go tobogganing. I really didn't feel like climbing up hills and riding down icy surfaces at break-neck speeds but it's been awhile since I've hung with this crew and it's so rare whenever we get together, so I figured I could go and have a good laugh.

However, my exhaustion was all forgotten as soon as I got to Konrad's for pre-boozing. It felt like the good ol' times and then I was psyched to risk another head injury sans helmet.

Hilarious Bob Moment: Paul, Bob and I stopped off at The Beer Store before going to Konrad's. Upon arrival, Bob says, "Oh, we're here to pick up beer? I thought we were here to pick someone up who had beer." I swear to god, his one-liners are so hilarious because he's sincere. Bob should have his own reality show.

So we got to Centennial Park well after closing time. We're not supposed to be there but we're so *rebel* and it's been awhile since we've broken a law, eh? So off we head to the hill with our Magic Carpets and other plastic contraptions that are supposed to be for riding down snowy hills (Jeff, on the Magic Carpet: "It's like riding down on your balls") and lo and behold, about two dozen other people had the same ideas as us. Konrad and Justin had the brilliant idea of going down the moguls which did not end well (looks like someone else suffered the head injury for me last night). I attempted to take some good action shots but alas, not all the lights on the hills were on and my flash can only shoot so far. Bah well. The good times are all in here *points to head*.

^Chug, chug, chug!
^Sarah tries to blow up the tube in the car
^Long way up
^You can't tell from this picture because of my flash and the reflection of this sign, but I was walking behind some guy dragging his 'sled' up the hill

^Ready, set...
^GO! Justin and Konrad take off down the moguls
^Mel and I zoom zoom
^Diane and I boom boom

^Bob "attempts" to drag me up the hill on the sled (I swear I didn't ask him to, he insisted. I'm not a bitch--that much)

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