Sunday, October 01, 2006

Piece of cake!

Aah, another festive eating occasion is bestowed upon us this coming weekend: Thanksgiving! Another excuse to get together with friends to cook and eat and make fun of Alex. A combination of my favourite things to do rolled into one weekend! This year I volunteered to lend a hand in the festivities by making desserts for Dev's annual Turkey Day dinner. Yes, baking is not my most favourite type of cooking to do, but I have to advance past the 'making cupcakes from the box' stage and at least try something from scratch. One of the things I hate about baking is the not being able to control the outcome during the cooking process. It's all about putting the batter into the oven and hoping it turns out when it comes back out. Yours truly is not a hoper. She's a do-er and a controller. So, I've opted to go oven-less and make a tiramisu (an Italian layered coffee-and-cheese trifle, for all you dessert-illiterate). Aaaannd, I guess I'll attempt to make an apple pie, since I heard it was oh-so-easy. But I'm more excited about this tiramisu. While I should have probably worked on my assignment on the confines of a Joint Venture and Partnership agreement, all weekend I've been browsing websites and my endless collection of cookbooks for a simple, yet challenging recipe for this thing. It's basically not that hard, just a matter of getting the best ingredients, knowing what a 'hard peak' is and layering. I've also realized there are different types of tiramisu, so I've been debating over a basic or strawberry tiramisu. I'm gonna be testing out a few recipes this week. so I'm calling out to all the dessert guinea pigs! One of the things that attract people to desserts is the presentation. Tiramisu can come in many forms: in a cup, in glass bowl, in a pan... what a versatile dessert! It'd probably be a waste of time to 'go all out' with this dessert for my friends since it'll just either be eaten or ignored anyway. ...Here's hoping my turns out as good as this looks.

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