Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happy Birthday, Aleksander!

Special thanks to Tommy for uploading last weekend's Thanksgiving dinner. Here's a clip of Jon drinking gravy for money. Ever had one of those revelations where you really hear yourself talk and you realize you don't hear what everyone else must hear and think 'wow, I hate my voice'? Yeah.... My eyes are barely open but I need to wait another hour before I go to bed because I just ate (yes, I'm anal about shit like this). So allow me to review my past 48 hours in an excruciating unnecessary detailed manner (because I can):

Yesterday, I worked 9.5 hours. Good fucking god, I wanted to doze off all day but I couldn't because I spent the day calling up banks and writing up discharge payout statements. I got yelled at for no good reason whereby I seriously contemplated quitting at that very moment (seriously, people get really emotional and take it out on me all the time and I just take it). Is there a line between 'paying my dues' and taking unnecessary abuse? I'm really starting to put my job into perspective and actually considering moving to B.C. (that of which I will go into more detail later).

After I finally finished filling out the last immigration application (I had to do two because I wasn't given enough info to know which one to do), I hauled my beaten ass to the libary to study for my Business exam until the library closed. After that, I dragged my ass home, ate, showered and promptly went to bed at 11 pm. Thereafter, I slept for 12 hours. I woke up and I couldn't believe I had slept that long and slept so deep. I haven't slept that long or so deep in such a long time. And it's really starting to frighten me how I sleep through my alarm clock nowadays. I better put on two alarm clocks on exam days.

So after trying to comprehend how I could sleep so long, I hauled my ass back to the library and studied for a solid 5 hours. I still hadn't finished studying, when the library closed. I met up with Nam to get the cake and stuff for Alex's birthday 'surprise' (quashed by Cuong!!) and then made the 'long' trip to Milton.

We spent way too long designing a t-shirt for Alex (where I had to question myself, 'does anyone really know Alex?') and invaded his house with an astonishingly unmelted ice cream cake (which had been sitting in the car for at least 2 hours!). And then we went to the theatres to see The Departed which I had heard was a very 'guys nite' movie. How right it was.

The Good: the plot, the action, the violence (can violence ever be 'good'?), Jackie and oddly enough, I found Matt Damon to be quite attractive (I guess anyone would find anyone more attractive if they had to watch them for two and a half hours).

The Bad: The fake accents, the violence, the volume (my ears are still ringing from all the 'bang bang bang') and I found out after the movie that this is a remake of a Chinese film (I hate watching remakes, where I could be watching the original).

The Ugly: Mark Wahlberg's awful, awful hair 'do. He used to be so hunky and drool-worthy (a la Three Kings). I miss 'Marky Mark'.

Tonite we celebrated Alex's birthday PG-rated (minus the R-rated movie). Next weekend better be rated R!

*Pictures to come shortly.

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