Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Have I mentioned that midterm exams have started? I've been living at the library (and the bus) for the past week or so, cramming like a madwoman between school and work. And yet I refuse to do readings when they're assigned.

I had my Tax and Accounting exam yesterday, which actually wasn't too bad. There's nothing sweeter than when you can confidently answer each question. I also discovered that William's Coffee Pub's Caramel Latte is, by far, The Drink to keep me going for more than 10 hours. My sweet friend April, treated me at 10 am and I finally threw it out at 8 pm. Yes, I nursed that drink for 10 whole hours (and it still tasted yummy while cold). I managed to remain conscious whilst studying for my two exams today all night without a nap break or even a stifle of a yawn! Niiice.

A nice surprise also came in the mail for me yesterday. Well, it's not really a 'surprise' if I purchased it myself online and I was tracking the delivery on the internet. However, it's always a pleasant surprise to receive a package in the mail regardless (even if it's a bomb. Just the element of surprise is nice). My Melie Bianco over-sized Cognac Muse bag has arrived!

Would you believe I actually considered buying the $1300USD Yves St. Laurent version? Yes, I seriously considered it. I think it was Kathy who talked me out of that, and perhaps I can thank her for that in a few years when I get sick of seeing it on everyone. So I trolled eBay and I refused to settle for a fake. Instead I went for the Melie Bianco because the quality's not too shabby and I just really didn't want to get a fake.

For those who have no idea what this Muse bag looks like, here's a pic of a chick who has an authentic YSL black patent leather version. Mine looks about the same (slight detail differences) and is in cognac (dark brownish). And, oh yes, mine is the same size -- over-sized. This huge bag did not come without it's proportional problems, though. My lucky parents who happened to be home when it arrived, had to pay the $85.00 in duty charges! That's more than the cost of the bag itself! I reviewed the parcel receipt and realized that those cats at customs grossly overvalued my bag to $300.00. I'm flattered and all, but fuck that shit. Now I have to fill in the this 'dispute' form and get my money back and ugh, just something I don't need in the little time I can spare to work out the calculations. I also put some of this blame on the Vendor for not including the damn invoice in the package. 'Ugh' to you!

And what, pray tell, would I do with a bag that is just about half my size, you ask? Lots! I reply:

  • to carry my laptop (as tiny as it already is) as an accessory, along with all the other crap I lug around
  • to carry my Advanced Legal Issues and Business Enterprises texts together (all 80 lbs of them!)
  • to make myself look even smaller, as if that is possible
  • to purposely lose my keys, wallets and other small but important stuff
  • to double as carry-on luggage for those spur-of-the-moment red-eye flights I need to catch (because I have to do so many of those)
  • to make my other bags jealous
  • to carry your shit whenever we go out
  • to take a nap in when I need some privacy
  • [insert sadder excuse to buy another huge bag just for the hell of it]

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