Thursday, October 05, 2006

Getting older or going backwards?

^Aahhh, thank you for looking like you live in the 21st century
Hooray, the best thing from the era of bubblegum pop/boybands/pseudo-named girlbands has made a return! Huzzah!
All Saints - "Rock Steady"

I like the song, but my only complaint is, what is up with the 40's trend as of late? It's everywhere: Christina Aguilera, Christian Louboutin Bruge shoes, pearls, that hair, the red lipstick (bleccch!). I feel like everything should be in black and white. Why are we constantly trying to escape the present?

Pics from Ish's bday:

^Pekwin, Nish and Ish (Nish and Ish aren't twins, can you believe that?)
^Raymond tries to explain to me and Ish the complexities of Dice
^The ladies at Urban Lounge: so much alcohol and I happened to be DD that night
^Raymond: wayyyy too into explaining Dice

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