Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Reason why Long Weekends were invented...

I am seriously the Master of Getting Things Done when there is way too much that needs to be done in such little time. I truly astound myself with what I can do when I'm motivated and focused.

The numbers for this weekend...

-3 Thanksgiving dinners

-2 assignments to be completed

-3 desserts to be made

-1 night to club and lose the weight before I put on more weight from the 3 dinners

My long (doesn't seem so long) weekend began last night. We went to the Docks, it was good. Stayed there for quite awhile though, but that's what you get when you put me, Jon and Megan at a dance club because we're dancing robots (keep going and going...). The usual clubbing antics were had: guys who can't dance that try to dance with me (some huge bear-like guy tried dancing with me but it felt more like a bear hug), this guy I dissed/rejected the last time we were there was there again and turned out to be Jon's friend from school (awkward), I accidently punched this guy in the face because I was really into this song (and he never came back) and I'm beginning to realize that I'm probably getting taller or the guys seem to be getting shorter.

Got home around 4 am, overslept till 11 (my impaired hearing from last night caused me not to hear my alarm clock), washed my hair, made pie crust and went downtown at 12:30 for a little shopping and to meet Ish to finish our assignment, came home, finished baking my very first apple pie (success!), went to my boss' house for Dinner #1 (which was actually a Ramadan dinner. Happy Ramadan), went to Captain's and then for once, I was the chauffeur with three men in my back seat (a true test to my suspension). Whew! I'm so pleased I got everything that needed to be done, done.

Now, I gotta start all this running around again tomorrow. Just another day in the life of yours truly.

Agenda for tomorrow:

- Make another apple pie for Dev's dinner

- Make another tiramisu for Dev's dinner (more alcohol this time!)

- read Hobbes and Rousseau text for my Philosophy paper

- do my Philosophy paper

- dinner at Dev's

- hopefully drop by Vicki's party (oh, why did it have to be on Sunday?)

- breathe

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