Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween '06

I'm so pleased with how reasonably well I've done on exams so far, half of which have been 90%+. It's amazing how I did so well while juggling a demanding job, barely enough time to go out and practically no time to sit and read (yeah, yeah I got my priorities straight).

I just vexxed all weekend. Yes, I had a looming paper due Monday morning, but "pssshhh", I said. I totally blew it off until Sunday night. I deserved it after the madcap midterm week (school-work-library-sleep). Friday night began with Poker at the Lam's until the wee hours in the morning. I don't know why, but the next day a bunch of us decided to go to a buffet for lunch. We got there at 2 pm, an hour before they were to shut down the lunch buffet. So what were we to do but to stockpile our table with as much food as possible? I've never attempted to eat so much ice cream, so quickly in my life. After, Kathy helped me with my ninja costume and we fasciated a 'sheath' and shoulder strap out of nothing more than electrical wire tape. Thank you, Kathy. You're scrappy.

And it was a really nice treat to have a fabulous Halloween party to go to at the end of exams. And what better way to go to a fabu magazine party than with your single (alas!) girlfriends? Oh yes, and add that with the open bar and free food and you have yourself a fantastic evening with a ton of memorable pictures!

We met up at Jez's apartment at about 8 pm, intending to leave at 9pm. What were we thinking? You can't get four girls to get ready and out the door in an hour. After all the primping, slathering of make up, painful hair-curling and a million "Is this skirt to short?", we were finally out the door and in a cab at 10 pm.

We arrived at what used to be a church but converted to a reception hall. The taxi cab driver said that it was a popular place to hold parties. You can't really say we were late for the party, because the party only really started when we got there. I was amazed at all the costumes that were there. Some people put alot of time and money into them and they turned out great. Anyway, we bee-lined it for the VIP area to be greeted with the open bar and the yummy finger food.

The party itself was great. Not only were people dancing and getting drunk, there were also performances during the evening, including a mock S&M sequence (hmm), female Thai boxing, lion dance and some bondage demonstration that included needles (at that point I had to stop watching). Did I mention that the theme of this Halloween party was "Chinese Torture Theatre"? Yeah, it was a theme within a theme party.

I know Jez was a little worried that we would embarass her because it was sort of her work party and there was an open bar, but we were on our best behaviour. Besides her work people, there were other people there that I didn't really know of, but everyone was friendly and approachable. I found it be less abrasive than meeting people at a club (maybe because the people at this party were a little older and a bit more inhibited and they weren't dry-humping me?).

There was a costume contest, but I can't remember who won. Alot of the finalists had really good costumes (a headless Marie Antoinette, Ghost Rider, Hell Raiser). And of course, like any other major-corporation-sponsored soiree, everyone got goodie bags at the end of the night. I love you, Blockbuster.

Some interesting moments of note from the party:

~ I really wish I took a picture with "Borat" who came up and said "Jesemesh!". I said "High five!" and we high-fived. A golden Kodak moment right there.

~ I should've taken down a couple numbers of guys I talked to. Why, oh why can't I do that?

~ The line to the one bathroom was huge so me, Sarah and a few other impatient women went into the guys' bathroom. Some of the girls started a fight, then the guys got involved and before you know it, there's a big brawl -- over a bathroom stall.

*WARNING: the following pictures may be deemed "NSFW" (not-safe-for-work) so don't view them if you're not comfortable with slight nudity wherever you are.

^"We're picking up tonight?!": Vicki's reaction after she sees our 'sexy and slutty' costumes
^Me as 'Sexy' Ninja and Sarah as Batgirl: "Comin' atcha!"
^Jez as Naughty Schoolgirl and Vicki as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz
^The Batgirl signal
^Me, mingling
^Me, Sarah and some delicious meatballs on a stick
^Sarah, Vicki and me (lookin' like a Native Indian, at first)
^Sarah making a dash for the food table
^Dorothy, Schoolgirl and Bat Girl join forces
^"Is that real?" *poke*
^Mmm, appetizing
^Sarah posing with some guy we mingled with at the food table. I think he's supposed to be some character from Calvin and Hobbes (and I forgot to unzoom)
^Lookin' for the open bar?
^Worst costume?: Burnt Chef Smurf
^Female Thai Boxers
^These mini-potatoes-on-a-stick thingies were sooooo good
^Me and "Pete"
^Sure puts the whole "is this skirt too short?" into perspective, huh, Jez?
^For the fellas
^Who's up for some bondage?!
^Me and Sarah: can you tell that time of month is coming? The Period Pimple makes an appearance :/
^Jez and Sarah
^Bat Girl meets Batman!
^Sexy Ninja meets an even sexier ( and real) ninja!
^Dorothy meets the Wicked Witch of the East! ^The Sexier Ninja performs ^Sarah and Vicki with some guy from V for Vendetta (Vicki looks like she's getting knifed) ^The MC: not sure what he was supposed to be, something scary I suppose ^View from the top ^That Silver Head Guy from GI Joe
^Hell-Raiser and friend: it must suck to try and kiss him
^Night Rider: you can't tell, but it's a really awesome outfit
^Fallen Angel and Tank Girl
^"Tortured Artist" or Van Gogh painting, so creative!


sarah said...

I don't remember what happened in half of the pictures that I'm in.

kathy said...

LOL, looks like you had an awesome night! The ninja costume looked pretty good! How did the hand-made electrical-tape strap hold up?

Oh, and what's up with that naked chick...? Her costume looked ridiculous, if you can even call nipple covers and a waistband a 'costume'. She should've gone as a mermaid or something...

Oh, and it's so funny how you guys found your counterparts, lol.