Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Jerk Store called, they're running out of YOU

I was once a very compassionate person. I don't think I am so much anymore. Lately I feel like I really can't tolerate people who don't use "common sense". Perhaps it's because I see it all the time at work (where stupidity is not tolerated too much because you need to be careful with everything you do) but I find myself being short with people and it's really starting to get to me.

Actually it's already got me. I just came home from the subway and I came across a very 'rude and ignorant' fat, white man. Now, I don't mean to mention that he's fat and white, but listen to my story and you'll understand why I had to stress that he's 'fat and white'.

My sister and I were just boarding the subway and as usual, people usually beeline it for the first available seat they can find. Mel and I had been walking all over that University Fair and shopped around some used bookstores, so I was particularly exhausted because a.) all that heavy literature we got from the Fair and b.) it was wet outside and I was miserable. So, as I was sitting down, this Fat White Man was about to sit in the seat I was approaching. Because I'm ever-so-swift, I got the seat. He then said, not too quietly, "You rude and ignorant person."

I know he said that rather loudly to embarass me and to get a reaction out of me, but as my nonchalant and suave self I chose not to dignify his comment with any sort of response, verbal or indicative. Not even a blink.

However, I was irked. First of all, how am I the rude person? Are you an elderly person? No. Are you pregnant? No. Are you boggled down by many shopping bags/parcels/young children? No. Are you fat? Yes, and that does not entail you a seat because you've obviously been sitting too much. Perhaps that's a bit mean and rude on my part, but I didn't say it out loud so there really was no reason for him to say I was rude.

I was also miffed that he called me 'ignorant'. When I think of ignorance, I think of racism or someone with a prejudice thought. I probably looked like some punk teenager to him: big hoop earrings, puffy jacket with fur hood and the bags from the University fair. He probably thought I was some 16-year old Black-wannabe ghetto Asian chick (he's only half right. HAHAHA JUST KIDDING. 'ASIAN PRIDE, WHAT'). Regardless, that's no reason to call me ignorant. For all he knows, I could be a 22-year old college student, studying law and likes to eat prunes and who happened to be suffering from major back-aching, menstrual cramps (which I'm not but I so should've said that to him and see his reaction). Talk about ignorance. "Hi, kettle? You're black."

I don't understand people who feel they can just call people derogatory names, especially when they don't even know them at all. People are always so quick to make rash and judgmental decisions without rhyme or reason. It doesn't make sense to chew out a random stranger just because they can't sit down! The subway was designed for both sitting and standing passengers! I can't believe this Fat White Male Stranger has gotten me so mad that I had to blog about it. URgh. I'm gonna take out this frustration with the guys tonight in Poker.



itskathylam said...

So *that's* why you were grumpy on Saturday.

Haha, I'm kidding. I understand where you're coming from. But I'd have to be see a video of the incident to be completely objective.

It's kind of a funny story if you think about stole a fat man's seat and he got angry. Haha...

Iljya said...

I like prunes!