Monday, October 09, 2006

Baah Baah Bag Sheep

I admit, I'm not the biggest fan of anything a la designer-label whore. Above all, that would include Louis Vuitton anything.

However, I must admit I'm strangely attracted to their F/W 06 accessories line. I think I'm either having a temporary lack of common sense or I've been working in a law office for too long and I've lost all sense of style. This line is especially the 'anti' of everything I hate about logo-ed designer wear: narcissism and ... the logo. The LV Mirror bags are the ultimate in narcissism and that moniker plastered all over their bags that make them oh-so-popular is what makes them oh-so-pricey ($500 - 1500 CAD).

Let this be a warning to y'all that there is gonna be a lot of these tin-foil diddies on the arms of many girls and their mothers (but definitely not mine!) so get those shades on. There's already a waiting list and they come out in December! But of course, there will be more fakes than real ones, no doubt.

Speaking of losing common sense, I shamelessly purchased my very first 'luxury item' a few weeks ago from Holt's. Not extravagant or anything (unfortunately it is monogrammed). I actually almost forgot about it and didn't open the package until today, that's how 'uneventful' it was for me (although it's a pretty useful little thing). It wasn't as thrilling as I thought it would be (so why is the experience so hyped up? Because women are minions to fashion!) but I don't doubt that this will be my last luxury item purchase.

I don't really know where my principles are anymore. Lately I've been finding myself caught between common sense and being a sheep.

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