Sunday, October 22, 2006

A couple of Jackasses on a Saturday Night

OHhhh, ugh. I'm feeling very 'yeet hay', which for all you non-Chinks means I'm suffering from eating too much spicy and greasy Chinese food last night. I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat. This was the result of last night's binge-eating at Tremendous after watching the movie, Jackass 2.

I really don't know why I agreed to watch that movie especially since I get annoyed watching home videos of wanna-be Jackasses pulling off stupid stunts. I just really had nothing better to do on my Saturday night (study? PAH!) so I agreed to see the movie with Davis. For some reason, the movie was 10x better and funnier than the shit I see on Break or YouTube.

And it really is just a 2-hour movie of the stupid shit you see on the internet, complete with clearly padded and cupped "professionals". No plot or anything. Just a couple of guys, with a couple of beers, a couple of cameramen and a couple of oh-so-bored-in-middle-of-America ideas.

I guess because we were feeling a bit spontaneous after watching the movie, Dav and I went to Tremendous and gorged on beef fried rice noodles, sweet and sour pork, har gow, siu mai, and out of spontanaeity spontanuity spontaneouty craziness, frog legs and snails. Mmmm. And now I feel like putting a fish hook through my face. Mmmm.

Funny story: I haven't eaten snails in awhile, so when I picked up one of them and licked the sauce off, I thought it tasted funny but tried to eat it anyway. And then I tried to get the little guy out of the shell and realized there was no opening. I sucked on it some more and then realized it was a rock. A snail-shaped rock. Gah.

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