Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dude looks like a ladaaaayyyyy

I have never heard any of their music, I don't even know if they play rock, pop or country music. And I don't really have any interest in listening to them. Their music is pretty kick-ass. Even their attempts at English version. However the guys of Tokio Hotel are really interesting to look at. I think I am especially attracted to the third one from the left. I can't even tell if that's a chick or a dude, but 'it' looks awesome. In fact, I just like how this band looks in general, such a colourful collaboration: the Farmer Dude, the Thug, The Pretty Female/Male Neo-Gothite and the Band Member.

They also remind me of the all-male Korean rock group, TRAX (who I'm pretty sure came before Tokio Hotel): Same thing here, I was strangely more awed by the 'non-normal looking' ones, which is about 3 out of 4 of them. Haha. Yeah, I have strange tastes. Next I'll be saying I have a thing for Gackt and secretly hope to obtain makeup tips from him as well.

Men in makeup. Why is that a strangely intriguing amusement for me? It is not a new thing and it's been done for over a hundred years. Just not to this extent.

I know I would probably never date a guy who wore make up (Date rule #2: Guy must not be more vain or more maintained than I) but I must admit, it's a little sexy. I think some people might call this a 'fetish'...

I have a theory that we are all bi-sexual. But just to certain degrees do we lean towards a certain sex that we are more attracted to (but not exclusive to) than the other sex. Kind of like a Straight-Gay Scale, where you have a certain balance from either side. I think this right here is my 'gay side': men who wear makeup, who look like women.

I wonder if they have clubs for people like me.

ETA: I just YouTubed these people and it has suddenly occured to me that not only are these people German, they are kids (17 years old). Oh, I'm going to hell. But nonetheless, their music isn't that bad!

I approve, even though they've got that teenaged girl appeal to them.

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