Wednesday, November 01, 2006

RIP 2006

It is two months to the end of year 2006. Today I went to the store to swipe whatever discount Halloween candy I could find (but the housewives and seniors had already picked out all the good ones during the day). I noticed that already the Christmas holiday stuff was already on the shelves. In fact, I noticed the Christmas stuff went up before Halloween, before this brisk weather we've been having.

What's up with that? Are they really that eager to shove us out of 2006? That is what it feels like. Not that I don't look forward to the holiday season, but c'mon. Lemme just adjust to the cold weather first and find my boots! I haven't even begun to put away my spring/summer clothes! This "rush to the new year" has got me thinking about the past year and what I will be leaving behind.

How have I changed, besides growing a year older (eeps, 23 years old in less than 3 months)? Well, I most definitely haven't physically grown (vertically, anyway) and I'm pretty sure I'm the same person on the inside (a little more jaded, a little less innocent? haha). One thing's for sure: I have a Plan for my future, unlike in the beginning of the year where I decided I would go where ever the wind took me. But surely other stuff has changed in my life besides school and work (the horror). I guess I'll have to ponder this for a little longer. I should do a post commemorating the past year (and just relieve the hundreds of photos that are on my hard drive) and give 2006 a proper burial. Hmmm...


Like the corners of my mind

Misty water-colored memories

Of the way we were

Scattered pictures,

Of the smiles we left behind

Smiles we gave to one another

For the way we were

Can it be that it was all so simple then?

Or has time re-written every line?

If we had the chance to do it all again

Tell me, would we? could we?

Memories, may be beautiful and yet

Whats too painful to remember

We simply choose to forget

So its the laughter

We will remember

Whenever we remember...

The way we were...

The way we were...

~ Barbra Streisand - "Way We Were"

I've been asked to upload more pics from the Rue Morgue/Blockbuster party (yes, there's tons more). Your wish is my command...

^Naughty or nice?
^Interesting costume, or lackthereof?

^We should get a TV show...
^Hey, I do look like Xena Warrior Princess here...
^Dorothy and Toto

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