Saturday, April 15, 2006

Oh, Wendy, why do you hate us so?

I mixed up a due date again this week. That's TWICE in one week. The first time I found out on Wednesday night an assignment was due the next morning. Miraculously I managed to get it done and hand it in on time. The second time was just tonight.

I thought my Philosophy take-home exam was due on Wednesday. Turns out it's due on Friday. Sarah, how did we both think it was due on Wednesday? Can you imagine if we shared more than one class together? We'd be a riot.

I'm losing it, people. Truly losing it. Where is my head?

I also just realized today that my both my Philosophy exam and assignment are worth 50% of my final mark. H O L Y F U C K.

This does not help that my Phil teacher, Wendy, expects me to write a top notch paper on Hannah Arendt because she was so impressed with my first one. Hmm, I hated Neitzsche so much, maybe I should try to hate Arendt...

Back to staring at a blank Word document...

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