Monday, April 03, 2006

I've yet to find my hotspot...

Suddenly there's a bit of 'hubbub' surrounding Tila Nguyen, or "Tila Tequila". I've always known her as "that Viet import model chick with the wiiiiiiiiiiide face" and now her popularity has exploded as "the MySpace girl". I saw her in an interview recently and I think it's just weird that she's gained popularity for having a MySpace page that has been visited the most, instead of her other work (as an Import and nude model).

Anyhoo, one bored evening I decided to look up her biography. I've always heard rumours that she's had an 'interesting' life and wanted to find out what it was. I landed upon her website, Tila's Hotspot, and found a sorta autobiography she'd written about her life.

Man, oh man. When I started reading about her life in middle and high school, I was floored. Before she escaped to New York City and became a crazy bi-curious rugrat gallivanting through New York City's finest clubs, her life read sooo much like mine.

Okay, I wasn't the "bad kid" as she seems to make herself as, but I used to do the baggy jeans, baggy clothes, "thugged out gangsta" thing way back when. I was a lil violent, and I had my 'sidekicks' throughout those years (I really miss Linda). I wanted to be like "one of the guys" and I had alot of male friends and tried to be all bad-ass (and I've managed the bad-ass part now). AND she's tiny like me! Wow, I guess I wasn't the only spunky, little ghetto-wannabe Asian girl way back when. Even her STATS are identical to mine!

Height: 5'0

Weight: 97 LBS

Measurements: 34B-24-36

Eyes: Dark Brown

Dress Size: 1/2

Shoe Size:5-6

C R E E P Y! It was just weird reading about her youthhood and the similarities between our lives. And the differences. As I said, I wasn't 'bad', I didn't smoke and least of all, get high. It's just a lil comforting to know someone I've never even met could share the same yet different childhood stories. But that's where the similarities end, although that'd be pretty hype if I could pose in something like Stuff.

I wonder if we ever met, if we'd get along because she still seems to me as the girl she was in highschool and that would be pretty interesting. Little Asian gangsta girls unite!

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