Sunday, April 09, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dev and Shinji!

Karaoke and drinking in Koreatown for Dev and Shinji's birthday last night. I remember food, I remember drinking and I vaguely remember the singing... let's see if I can jog my memory:

^Eating at Ka-Chi: are the metal chopsticks for eating or fighting?

^Drinking at Blur and being gangsta



^Not gangsta

^One sip and she's DOWN!


^Brandy as BoA

^The Boys singing "It's Raining Men"

^ChinKL reunion tour! Performing "Now"

^Sarah and Shinji

^A sweet serenade: Brandy and Dev

^MCs Kensley, MC Lil and MC Brandy doing "Gangsta's Paradise"

^Dru and Meg (Dru, you're not TI)

^"You are the dancing queen! Young and sweet, only seventeen!"

What a great night. I probably won't have another one of those for at least two weeks. *sigh

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