Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Productive Friday Evening...

WOOT! I just finished my taxes. Big weight lifted and I don't feel so terrible about buying these fantastic 5-inch Betsey Johnson shoes yesterday because my refund will pay for them. Sha-zam!

I'm just looking for anything to distract me from doing any real school work now. Come to think of it, I haven't really done any real school work since strike started. I have a case comment and presentation that were due when the strike started and it's due on Monday. I've yet to actually complete it. Ooh boy.

So here I am, la-dee-da-ing and exhausting everything I shouldn't be doing instead of homework.

Last night, I should've done some work. But instead I went to Markham with Nam for some dinner and to pick up my Salt N Pepa CD. We ate at this Vietnamese restaurant (cravin' the pho) disguised as a Chinese restaurant (not a lick of the Vietnamese language anywhere in that joing, but food was still oh-so-good). We actually got quite a bit accomplished last night. Nam wanted to go to this Accord car meet, so we did. Lemme tell you, it was the oddest thing I've ever been to.

I never knew this before, but apparently alot of people who talk on car forums (Honda Civic forums, Honda Accord forums, RSX forums, etc.) get together offline in empty mall parking lots and talk cars. They line up their suped up cars and just huddle in the cold talking about god-knows-what. There's this one mall parking lot that alot of people go to in Markham, partly because the security guards don't bother them and there's a Tim Horton's. Mitusibishis and Honda Accords happened to be there last night. The Accords got together with the Accords, and the Mitsubishis got toghether with the Mitsubishis, etc. There were other cars there but I didn't recognize them. Partly because I didn't wanna get out of the car for fear of being seen, as I don't wish to be one of 'those girls'. I've actually heard of this stuff going down in Cali and stuff, but to witness it firsthand is a bit surreal. Kinda like a scene out of Fast and the Furious, minus the hot guys, hot weather and hotter cars.

Sarah: Were the guys hot?

Me: What kinda guy, that comes out on a Friday night to meet in an empty parking lot with strangers with the same car as you, is considered hot? (Note: No offense to Nam. However, I don't think he would've came out if I didn't ask him to take me to Markham to get my CD. Nam, you're a doll.)

I can't imagine getting together offline with the Asian music fans I talk to on forums. It doesn't matter if we have that one thing in common, I really don't think we'd get along. What the hell would we talk about besides BoA? They are likely FOBs or Asia-philes, and I'm normal. Ha.

So after the "autofest", we went to Nam's friend's rez for some much-needed fix of poker. The trip was far, but it was worth it. Nam and I agreed that if we came in first and second, we'd split the pot. That night we won enough money to pay for our dinner and the gas for our trip. Teehee.

ALSO, I found someone's Tim Horton's cup tab for a free coffee!

I love it when Karma comes full circle.

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