Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring forward!

Hooray for warm(er) weather!

Now that I can officially bring out my warmer-weather shoes and put away my winter clothes, it's time to review what I hated about winter and winter fashion:

1. Not being able to wear a skirt whenever I damn well pleased.

2. Not being able to wear fabulous open toed shoes whenever I felt like it.

3. Hat hair.

4. Big Uggs. This never really bothered me before until Nam showed me a picture of one of his car meets and the lone girl was wearing a bright pink puffy jacket and big, huge Uggs. Someone should've ran her over with her Accord.

5. Runny nose.

6. Static coming from my headphone wires rubbing against my wool/puffy coats. Zzzap!

7. The colour pink. For some reason there was an abundance of it this winter. This does not exclude me.

8. Snowboard jackets. I hated mine the most, because it made me feel like a child and there were no inner pockets for my shit!!!

9. SALT EVERYWHERE!!!! Especially at my campus.

Moving on to spring fashion, I can really feel this new leggings-with-mini skirt trend is going to be butchered to no end in the coming months. I now regret purchasing a pair a few months ago and grateful I have no idea where mine are.

However, I think I will go out and purchase a small men's dress shirt, because I feel this is quite hot:

^Giambattista Valli S/S 06

I don't know if it's the fact that it's a 'gender bender' style or the illusion that she's wearing no pants that makes this Look look cool. Either way, I'd so rock this (sans pants!).

Hm, I'm actually quite late on this 'spring trendwatch'. Everyone's now excited about Fall fashion and I refuse to even look at pictures from the Fall fashion shows. I really want to just get excited about warmer weather clothes after months of the salt mixing with my suede boots and fogged up glasses everytime I enter a bus!


sarah said...

HOLY shit man. That chick looks like the CN Tower.

Vicki said...

LOL!!! ya she does!!!