Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's bad enough Asians have "small confidence"

So some recent study results showed that out of the entire world, the top 5 sexually satisfied countries were Austria, Spain, CANADA, Belgium and the US. Bottom 5? Thailand, China, Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan. Does anyone see what I see in those bottom 5? All Asian countries.

I must say I was a little taken back when I read these results, though I don't know why the more I thought about it. Let's omit the fact that Indonesia is an Islam state, but Japan? As far as I can tell, Japanese people are some of the freakiest people, both sexually and in general. I love the urban and pop music, but that's as far as I will dabble in "Japanese culture". Battle Royale and Suicide Club pretty much dispelled any thoughts of normalcy in the Japanese society for me.

Anyhoo, the question on my mind is... why are Asians the least sexually satisfied? Are we too hard to please in bed? Do we expect too much, or do we not do enough? I thought sexual satisfaction was universal, but I guess things differ over there in the East. Do they know SARS isn't sexually transmitted? :p

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