Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Où est Lil? Lil est dans la biblio-fucking-thèque.

Pardon my French, but I think the librarians (and bathroom janitors) at the Central library must know me by now. At least know of me. Every semester, without fail, for two weeks I am there reading, eating and studying for exams. It is my 2nd home the days coming up to my exams. For some reason it's the only place I can seem to concentrate. Perhaps it is being surrounded by books and other people reading that forces me to read (because it is truly a task to get me to read my law books anywhere else).

My home is the worst place for me to study, I really don't know how my sister manages it. I'm easily distracted: internet, TV, my comfy bed and things I wanna eat require me to get up to get it or make it. I especially hate writing papers because it will take me like, 3 hours to write 1 page because whilst writing I'll be trying to find things on the computer to do to avoid writing.

Being in the library is like having a headmaster stand next to you with a whip, forcing you to study.

Today I definitely overstayed my welcome at the library, I think. I got there around 11:30 am, and didn't leave till about 7:30pm. EIGHT FUCKING HOURS in the library. Well I was prepared to spend the whole day at the library to finish my take-home Philosophy exam and prepare for my Legal Writing exam tomorrow. Can you believe I didn't even finish the stupid exam and barely even looked at my Writing notes?! Un-fucking-believable. I didn't even have the Internet or a crossword to distract me. For 8 hours straight I read, I toiled, I typed...and I didn't even finish the exam. Fuck FUCK FUCK. I was really hoping to finish so that I could finish my other Philosophy paper tomorrow and study for Debtor/Creditor exam. Now I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do about tomorrow. I'll basically be there from about 2:30 till god-knows-when trying to accomplish three things that need to be finished by TOMORROW (Friday = exam's at 8 am, papers need to be handed in by 12 noon).

Alright, bed time. Thinking about this more is going to stress me out, make me cry and give me wrinkles. And that's the last thing I need.

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