Saturday, April 22, 2006

24 hours without the Jack Bauer

I came across this and thought it was hilarious. It's from BoA's fanmeeting (lucky bastards!) and if you scroll down to the bottom someone translates her post script: "Please study hard"

HAHAHA! I think it's both funny and endearing that she would write something like that. It's nice to know that some people, especially with as much fame as BoA has, can think about things besides money. BoA cares about her fan's education. -_-

Saw Silent Hill last night and it sucked. I really wish I had went with my first instinct to see V for Vendetta or even Ice Age 2 (never even saw the first one). It was packed last night because it was opening night and I'm sure most of the people were as confuzzled and disappointed after the movie.

Scary movies just aren't what they used to be I guess. I think it's just hard to shock and awe people these days. With all the uncensored stuff on the internet and the weird we see in the media, nothing really surprises us anymore. A truly scary movie these days would have to be scary enough that it wouldn't be allowed to be shown in certain countries. I believe the last movie that truly spooked me was Blair Witch Project when I was 12. Still spooks me just thinking about why it was spooky. I've yet to get drunk one night, watch Blair Witch and run into the woods at night with someone. That's my idea of an awesome evening.

After the movies we sat in Timmy's until 4 am just arguing. Well, not arguing, but we were engaging in philosophical debates that my Philosophy prof would have been jealous to not have been part of. Also I think she would've been proud of all the Phil bullshit I've learned this semester and used! We just jumped from topic to topic: 9/11, abortion, capital punishment... pretty much anything you can debate. Boy did we annoy the chick sitting next to us trying to study. Baha! Isn't it strange that after the flurry of exams and assignments, all this knowledge suddenly starts oozing out? I think that was our way of getting rid of all the excess grey matter in our heads before we start the summer and kill brain cells with alcohol. Woot.

I feel so tired but I'm determined to go out tonite. I realized today that yesterday I was awake for 24 hours! I woke up at 6 am yesterday, went to bed at 6 am this morning and then I slept for 6 hours. Notice something weird? 6...6...6...hmm...


A Concerned Citizen said...

I wholeheartly approve of the Green Day quote.

kathy said...

You Devil, you.

sarah said...

Jack Bauer eliminated bird flu while playing Duck Hunt.