Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bread, Milk, Eggs, Pants...

I never thought I'd say this but... I think the next place I buy my clothes will be from a supermarket.

I recently heard about a new clothing line they have at those Superstore supermarkets. I haven't actually been to one of those supermarkets (is it like Costco?) and the last thing I thought they'd sell there is nice-looking clothes. I don't want to, but I actually want to buy a couple things from there now...

$3 Metallic-colour flip flops

Sassy Safari Dress (reminds me of the dress Miranda wore in the episode she finds out she's preggers and she's eating pizza with Carrie. Yep, I watch too much SATC)

Stylish Safari Blazer

Bermuda Shorts

Apparently the designer for Joe also happen to design for Club Monaco and Alfred Sung, which explains the blandness. Hmm, I think I will pick up some apparel items (especially that Safari Dress) the next time I pick up some eggs.

Edited to add:

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