Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Who is Johnny Dang?

I usually don't make it a point to watch rap videos anymore. I realized they just end up ruining the song for me (as opposed to other types of songs). I mean, yeah I like looking at the cars and stuff, but there's been less focus on vehicles and more focus on the ugly rappers themselves lately. Also, I hate looking at 'grillz', those ridiculous blingin' mouth pieces. I wanna know who the hell came up with the idea that wearing diamonds in your teeth looks 'gangsta'. It's not. Keep the bling for your wrists, gentlemen. Don't bling the bling in your fuckin' mouth.

Anyhoo, if I happen to see a video, I don't usually pay attention. However, someone recently brought to my attention of a peculiar thing creeping up in some videos: some tiny Asian gremlin who seems to be friends of these monikers. I'm not kidding, I had to watch this video twice to notice it. Do you see him? He's also in the DJ Khaled vid.

Who is he?! Where did he come from? How did this tiny Asian guy become friends with TI and the like? He's like one of those gremlins that just appear out of nowhere and noone really seems to take notice unless you're on the outside looking in.

^The Blinged Asian Gremlin and Paul Wall

I felt I needed to find out who this guy was (thanks to a wondering mind and all this free time I have). Thanks to my superior searching skills and Google, I managed to find his mySpace (besides me, who doesn't have one?) and found out his name is Johnny Dang aka "TV Johnny".

^with the missus (!)

A few questions ran through my head:

1. Why is Johnny Dang called "TV Johnny"?

2. Is Mrs. Asian Bling embarassed to be married to that (although she must be reeping the rewards of his income)?

3. When's the next flight out to Texas so I can personally kick his ass?

I think he's Vietnamese, but nonetheless I feel ashamed that he's Asian and that I Googled him.

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