Monday, January 01, 2007

Ho ho ho, happy new year!

What it do, 2007? Aah, another year is upon us. Another year to forget the problems of the previous year, another year for people to think they can really 'start over' in the new year (it's a new year, not a new lifetime).

Last night Dev made a big new year's dinner for us, which as per usual was scrump-didilly-umptious. The year came and went whilst we talked, played (Need for Speed champ right here, brap.), Poker-ed (arrrrgh) and drank.

^Hooray for forks!


^Who's ready to drink some real booze??

^The non-drinkers and drank-too-much (Dev)

Unfortunately we had to ring in the new year sans one of our comrades, Alex, because of some crazy drunk girls who apparently stole his car keys and couldn't come back to our party. "Worst new years, man." It's okay, Marshmallow, there's always next year.

^Bling bling
^Saying good-bye to 2006
^Drinky drinky: David is the Hennessy champ
^5...4...3...2...1! HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Aww, look at Dev and Sarah in the background)
Honestly, guys, I can't believe we ended the year with Poker and began the year with Poker (okay, no I'm not). I guess it could've been worse: we could've ended the year and began the new year in Captain's playing Poker, eating chicken steak rice. We are semi-lame for 2007.

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