Monday, January 15, 2007

Fire your stylist!

I really hate watching award shows. They're really pointless, boring and dismally funny. Although, I do somewhat enjoy the pre-shows of the red carpet arrivals because it's like a low-budget fashion show with fug to OK-looking people in wonderful clothing that they had no real say in. However, I'd rather watch those pre-shows in mute because the commentary can get pretty dull: "You look great, who are you wearing, blah blah blah". Thank goodness the photographers amble to get their stuff uploaded to my computer screen ASAP.
^There's no place like home...there's no place like home...
^Why 99% of tattoos suck
^Mr. and Mrs. Smith Perfect
^Dear Beyonce's Dress: Ssshhh!
^Break ups are hard, huh, Cam?
^One word comes to mind: 'Puuuuuuuuubes'.
^I could've sworn I've seen this dress worn dozens of times in different colours
^Me likey
^Not all supermodels know how to dress
^An interesting-looking ... sari?
^Sooo FOBBY!
^How versatile: it's the dress and the coat
As you can probably tell, I was not a big fan of the fashion I saw on the red carpet this year. I think the fashion industry is in some sort of slump. The stylists were at a loss after the return of minimalist black of F/W 06 and they're not really sure where to go from there. Also, I don't even understand why they're making their clients wear dark, drabby gowns when this thing is held in California!

However, one person's entire ensemble (that is, not just the dress) did stand out for me which is quite the shocker because I usually don't like those 'Kitson-lovers, I-party-with-Paris-Hilton' types. But I must admit, this girl has a somewhat decent stylist and that's the cheerleader chick from that Heroes show. Her name is Hayden...Panen...Patenn... her name is Hayden. I also noticed her dress from the Peoples' Choice Awards, which I thought suited her skin, hair and, above all, the weather. You may or may not disagree with me, but the fact that I even remembered this dress and I hardly pay attention to award shows and stuff, says something. It's a nice change for the eyes from the muted colours of the 'older' generation.

For some reason, I'm forecasting even duller wardrobe for the Oscars (that's next, right?) because stylists try even harder for their clients. But that is probably their downfall.

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