Saturday, January 06, 2007

Goodbye, Iljya... Hello, 21

It was a bittersweet bi-celebration tonight: my little sister's 21st birthday and the departure of my dear friend, Iljya (who is leaving for internship in California at some fancy computer company in Silicon Valley).

We went allllll the way to Vaughan and ate at Sam and Pete's. I friggin' hate driving in the rain at night, and the two times that I happen to travel there for someone's birthday I get caught in it. Baaaah! Nevertheless, I didn't mind being the DD for the night. But I did mind the backseat drivers (you know who you are).

^Sarah and Dev
^Dev and Cuong trying to be hood. Emphasis on 'trying'
^And Sarah was the only one who even noticed the camera
^Mel is a bookaholic and Whitney just provided her with some bookahol
^Before: "Hey, wouldn't it be great to put vinegar in Cuong's water?" "Hells yes"
^Mmm, special banana-chocolate cake for Mel
^...or for Dev?
^Alex is one gypsy joke away from an ass-whoop
^Three cheers for Sam and Pete's!

After Sam and Pete's, we went to Iljya's for some Guesstures (it's like charades but 5x harder) and ping pong and jitz. It's a damn good thing we didn't end up playing Poker, although maybe we should have one last time just for Iljya...

^Kathy reading the instructions aloud to us: "Yes, Kathy, we're listening."
^Guesstures begins
^Looking a bit perplexed?
^Worst Guesstures player ever.

It's sad seeing Iljya go, even though he's only going for four months. HOWEVER, this prompts us to plan our trip for '07: CALIFORNIA, BABY! Huh? Huh? Perfect as a graduation trip (for, I guess, only me).

Californ-I-A for some sun, surf and sand. Oh yeah, and Iljya. ;) I'm sick of this 'winter weather'. I need some real warm weather. Who's in? Who's ready for some 'California Love' a la Tupac?


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It is awesome here; you should really come!!