Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lil's real Real World

A few weeks ago, I got myself a personal digital camera. My family digital camera was getting a bit too cumbersome to take along with me everywhere I wanted, so I decided I needed to get my portable little self a teeny tiny camera (and a teeny tiny tripod!), to go with my teeny tiny laptop, to go with my teeny tiny life in this big, big world. As we all know, I'm a camera-whore and a life-documenter. Anyone involved with my life is subject to the lens of my camera and discussion on my blog (if one were so worthy). LOL. Can you say, "Lil's own little MTV's Real World"?

I already have albums and albums of pictures documenting everything from kindergarten, to high school ups and downs, to random events of just hanging out with friends.

I guess I have an obsession with having to try to remember everything that goes on because I tend to put a lot of things in the back of my mind and focus on the present. Also, I don't think I can quite possibly regret the obscene amounts of time and money I spend taking pictures, printing, scrapbooking and uploading, in the future. This is a worthy investment, I think.


So I went downtown again this weekend, this time with my other girls, Kathy and Mel. Since I was in search of looking for a book for my Phil class, I figured I may as well take people who wouldn't mind welcome embrace live for being in bookstores. So what do you do? You take along two of the most 'bookish' people you know.

I led them to a few used book stores that I knew of downtown and it was like taking kids to a candy store. Books to the left. Books to the right. I sometimes get a bit overwhelmed at huge shelves stuffed with books (random books, at that). It's hard to imagine that there is quite possibly billions of published works in this world (a third of which seemingly lives at Eliot's Bookstore on Yonge and Wellesley). Needless to say, I didn't end up finding the book I needed at all today (and I think we hit about eight stores). Kathy and Mel found a few 'treasures' and seemed pretty content on their finds.

They actually intend on each starting up their own little library, which I think is absolutely ludicrous because... well, my family has our own library and all these books that I will never read take up so much space in my house. Oddly enough, once upon a time my father once had a vision to create his own little library as well (ahh, so that's where Mel gets it from; so she's not adopted) and to this day, it is still growing to my dismay. Like father, like daughter (but not the older one), I guess.

Somehow in the midst of all the bookstore-hopping, we managed to hit an Aldos and I got a pair to add to my own collection: my shoe collection. So, none of us left the city empty-handed, thus making the trip somewhat not too lame.

^In Dundas Square, aka Times Square-in-the-making
^Kathy and Mel doing a crossword on the subway
^OK, I admit I was involved with the crossword, too.

^The New York Times crossword is not for the weak at heart

While we were trying to get our picture taken at Dundas Square, the guy first accidentally took a video of us, instead of a picture. Kathy thought it would be humourous to upload it for some reason...

I just read Kathy's entry on our little bookstore excursion. I am utterly amazed that someone can be so deliriously happy about bookstores, although it's probably comparable to plopping me in the middle of a really great sample sale and a wad-ful of cash. All I remember is myself standing in the bookstore holding Darwin's Origin of Species for Kathy and idly tried to read the first page. I couldn't even get past the first line. Ugh. I applaud and admire those who have read, or even attempted to read half, this book. You deserve a Nobel prize.

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melz said...

I still look at that pic of all three of us... and only you and Kathy are smiling. =(. It's both your faults that I'm the one left out and thus, looks stupid. I can't believe you told me NOT to smile...

Books = SMILE!