Wednesday, January 31, 2007

...and going, and going, and going...

OMG. I just cannot believe the past 72 hours I've endured. It's been non-stop working (both work and school related). I'm not even gonna go into details because 1.) for privacy issues of a law firm, some details just cannot be mentioned in a forum like this and, 2.) it's the same old school stuff.

I come home every night after dark, too tired to eat a real meal. I've been on a latte diet these past three days. Is it really sad to say that Starbucks no long works for me anymore? I have to upgrade to something stronger, perhaps double shot next time. Nevertheless, I don't like this caffeine raid I've been on lately but I feel that I can't stop (I think this is what they call an 'addiction') because the work doesn't stop. No end in sight, as far as I can tell. The only time I get to catch some sleep is on the bus, commuting from home, to school, to work, to home, to school, to work, to's pretty disgusting how I've become adaptive to sleeping on public transit.

I barely even had time to book the hotel for the party this weekend but I somehow did it. Yeah, to find time to make a 5-minute reservation was strenuous, but alas, something to cross off my list.

Anyway, I better catch some shut-eye now because I won't be getting a decent sleep until at least Sunday night (here's hoping).

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