Monday, January 08, 2007

Time, space; all over the place, whenever you're near me

Today I started my first day of school of the semester and I really don't know how I made it through the day without dropping dead.

An 8am class on a Monday morning again this semester? What was program coordinator thinking when he put the class schedule together this semester? I also start work again part time. This semester I'll be working 4 days a week (OMG) between classes.

As soon as I got home I pretty much dropped dead for about half an hour and now I want to curl up in bed with some ice cream and a book (currently but slowly reading "Children of Men" by P.D. James) and sleep till next week. Oh, it's that time again. That time where I need to start cherishing more sleep and sacrificing time to do other things like breathe.

It's also that time where I am due for a hair trim. That is, if I'm to maintain short hair, which I still haven't decided on whether I want to keep. Short hair was fun, but I still can't figure out if it suits me (perhaps 3 months isn't long enough to decide if it suits me). The hair is starting to get long and 'scraggly' in the back, something I will have to solve by wearing my hair up for a couple more months to overcome that period of growing out hair where it just looks awkward.

I don't even know why I'm contemplating making the effort of even getting a trim because I barely have time to even do simple tasks that need to be done like paying bills and doing my brows.

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