Saturday, December 30, 2006

Go to bread? No, go to BED!

This past week has been such a friggin' blur. I haven't had more than 6 hours of sleep each night! Oye!

I'll try to recall:

While in Quebec, I couldn't get more than 6 hours of sleep what with Mel's kicking, Alex's hogging and Nam's snoring. On Tuesday night, I came home from Cuong's at about 1:30 am, worked the next morning, stayed up that night to upload the Quebec pictures, went to work the next morning, went to Poker that night, went to to work next morning.

The past 24 hours has really been a push for me to not just collapse from exhaustion. Last night I celebrated the last Friday night of 2006 in true Friday night fashion: partying at Distrikt, coincidentally for Corey's birthday. I don't remember much (not from alcohol, but just from lack of sleep) from last night, except for the brown guys that kept hounding me, the button that popped off my shirt (yeah, my boobs are always trying to escape my clothes somehow) and dancing hard into the wee hours of the morning. Oh and dancing with Corey's cute (but really young) school friends. Got home at about 4 am and then no less than five hours later, my parents woke me up and we drove down to Niagara.

My dad took us to this little town he used to work in and what would have been where we would be living right now if he hadn't taken a job at some paper mill when he was in university. Thank goodness he didn't. It was one of those factory towns (desolate area, yet with a higher crime rate than other rural areas). We drove through the town of teeny tiny run-down houses, but according to my dad, this is how a good chunk of Canadians live and that we should feel lucky we live where do now. I suppose he's right, and I guess am just a spoiled brat from the 'upper-middle class' suburbs. Although it is kind of amusing to see country bumpkins try to make their way around Toronto.

After that rather appreciative glimpse into a life without Mississauga, we went to The Keg, which happened to overlook the Falls. I never realized how much better Canada has it on this side of the Falls either, until I ate at the restaurant. Canada 1, USA 0. We went to Fallsview where I realized we didn't have to pay the $20 for parking that weekend we went to Fallsview in the summer because we could've gotten a Players Advantage Card for the free parking. Bah. Note to all: the next time we go, remind me to bring the card for the free parking.

Drove back and was going to go to Poker (oh, GOD) but I had to put my foot down for real. I am going to have a power-sleep tonight to make up for this brutal past week, especially knowing that I will most definitely be staying up all night tomorrow. It's strange how I manage to get less sleep when I'm not in school than when I have exams five days in a row.

Oh, Bed, how we must make up for lost times...

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