Saturday, January 27, 2007

The vicious cycle has to end, and I'm not talking menstrual (although that'd be be nice)

The past month has been a blur since school has started. I don't even really know what's coming or going, I'm just somehow living and breathing each day (it's a wonder, too, because there's so many bad drivers out there in the equally bad weather). How I haven't collapsed from exhaustion and hunger is a wonder to me. However, I do realize that I need to start taking better care of myself. After all, I'm getting older and I am more susceptible to ailnesses like... frailty.

Let's see, what can I remember?

The above-noted pictures are a good representation of what I've been doing ('cept I don't have a picture of my work. Just picture me at my desk with stacks of files around me between the Poker and school pics).

Last night I made the treacherous trek to Milton to see Alex's new homemade Poker table. It was impressive, but I really have to wonder if it was worth it going up there being how the weather was (I'm still weighing the risks as we speak, of going all that way just to see and play at a poker table even though I made it home safely). For those who aren't in the know about the weather yesterday, the temperature rose after days of bitter cold, therefore resulting in wet snow, blowing snow and snow everywhere. This also results in the bad drivers exposing their bad driving skills and snow removers not working nearly as fast as they should have.

Driving on the highway was insanity and a bit interesting. What made it more interesting? That big patch of ice that formed on my windshield RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I had to drive sitting in an awkward angle to peer through a clear patch and try to drive within the lane (which was not easy to find because the road wasn't clear). This reminds of the time I went snowboarding with Konrad and we drove up to Horseshoe. Same situation and he ended up driving with his goggles and his head sticking out the window. LOL.

Special shoutout to Dev and Cuong, squeegee kids, for de-icing my car and David for just standing there and smoking (although it's not like I could've given him anymore scrapers).

I am very pleased to announce, though, that I am breaking the vicious cycle of school, work, Poker in light of an upcoming certain person's getting older (ARGGGGHHH 23, and it's not getting easier to admit). I've been very fortunate in my lifetime (hahaha, yes, 23 years is a lifetime) to have had and to have been given very special birthdays. I guess that's also in part that I have very special friends. That memorable trip to Rainforest Cafe at 15, surprise sweet 16 party at Jez's, "surprise" party at 19 thrown at Ian's... and what to make of my 23rd birthday?

I've decided that since I haven't hosted nor had an extravagant birthday in awhile, I will be throwing a hotel suite party in my fabulous honour. Most everyone is invited and it's going to be 'hype'. How often will I get the opportunity to throw away a couple bills to have a party with all my friends and acquaintances. Also, a couple other ppl are having birthdays too, so I might as throw them in there as well. The guestlist will extend from my days of elementary school to my days of Too Cool for You, to my Still to Cool for You high school years, to my present Not As Cool But Still Kickin' It college days to ... beyond? Yeah, I'm expecting big. It might as well be a birthday/reunion/excuse-for-Jon-to-dance party. Might as well. Anything to break The Cycle.

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