Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Heart attack at 22? I believe so.

It hasn't even fully begun, but the stress is starting. Oh, the horror. The horror! The source of wrinkles, baggy eyes and bad fashion-sense.

School is starting to get ridiculously ridiculous (an essay a week!!) and work is even worse now that the other law clerk is suddenly gone and all the glorious work is on yours truly. FUCK THE WHAT.

Times like these, I really want to just crawl into a ball in my bed and never leave my blanket. So this is what it means when people say 'life sucks'. I really feel like a big weight has been clunked to my head and there's no way to get it off. Ughhhh, my life is a vicious cycle of couple days to breathe and then PILES OF SHIT with more piles of shit on top.

Ahhh, yes, I know. Other people probably have it worst than me. Don't have jobs, don't go to school, baby-mama drama, broken nail, in deep debt, no boyfriend, no sex blah blah blah... yeah? Well, be careful what you wish for. Don't dare compare your life with mine and try to guilt me into thinking I got it going on. There are two different situations with that similar yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach. Except you have the time to sit and wish you had a 'better' life while I don't even have time to look both ways before I cross the street.

I'm turning 23 in 5 days and I don't believe I'll see that day for I will probably succumb to a caffeine-induced stroke in the next two days.


OK, quarter-life crisis moment over.


Iljya said...

you need to have some sex :)

kathy said...

Wow, Iljya.

spinderella said...

No, he's right, Kathy. With the other clerk gone, I have fewer chances to go to her office which is near this other guy's office. He looks like Wentworth Miller 0_0

A Concerned Citizen said...

Don't swear.