Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Breakfast Club is going down... downtown! NOT!

Alex: What are you doing tomorrow?

Me: I'm going downtown with my girlfriends.

Alex: Oh, can I come?

Cuong: Me, too!

Me: No. Girls only!

Just when I thought that that was the end of the conversation, I get a call at 9:30 in the morning...

Alex: Are you awake?

Me: I am now.

Alex: Good. Did you have breakfast yet?

Me: No...why?

Alex: Good. Come outside. I'm at your door.


So I go downstairs, open my front door and see Nam's car in front of my house. Alex is not alone. I open my door and lo and behold this is what I find on my front porch at 9:30 on a Sunday morning...

^Breakfast in bed would have been nicer
^The Breakfast Club

They told me they really wanted to come downtown with us and they knew we were leaving at noon so they came with breakfast so that I wouldn't leave without them. I adamantly refused them to come with me, but I soon realized that if I could not get them off my veranda, I could not prevent them from doing whatever they wanted to do. These guys came prepared, burner, car and all.

^When you can't beat 'em, join 'em

^They came prepared, stove and all

^Mel shares her birthday cheesecake with the guys

So off we headed off to the subway. Just as us girls went over the turnstile, we turn around and the guys are just standing there. They weren't coming. The entire time they knew they weren't coming and they waited till we all got to the station to ditch. WORST GUYS.

They were apparently tried to 'out-crazy' me because I always try to walk home whenever I want to go home and noone else does. I guess they got fed up with chasing me, so this was their way to prove that they can be crazier (and more ridiculous).

There were signs that I should've seen along the way that would have clued me in that the entire thing was a joke. But because I was so tired and still trying to get over the fact that they brought me breakfast to my house (aww, such sweeties), I overlooked all the signs: the fact that they were so eager to go downtown even though I know they hate to walk around aimlessly and Alex hates downtown; when we suggested we drive downtown, Nam immediately refused, and; they would not let Mel come even though I wanted her to just take them downtown so I wouldn't have to babysit them.

I wanted to murder them for what they did, not only because I was duped, but because they duped my innocent friends. I vowed to get them back, but over time I realized that in a way they got their just desserts, for several reasons:

  1. they apparently stayed up late 'plotting' and only had 2 hours of sleep;
  2. they woke up at 9:30 in the morning on a Sunday just to play a prank;
  3. Nam ended up driving me to the station even though they only planned on ditching me on my driveway;
  4. I made Alex pay for the Day Pass Vicki bought just before they ditched and we girls decided to drive downtown
So in the end, the playing field is quite even and although I will get them back (I don't know how, I don't know when, but they better sleep with one eye open), I will not hold a grudge (cuz boys will be boys and you can't hate them for being immature like that). However, I really hope this doesn't end up being a back and forth game of practical jokes because I have neither the time, energy nor brain power to come up with good pranks (actually, yes I can) between work, school and being a friend to them.

Nevertheless, I had a lovely day with the girls today. We had lunch at Milestone's and went to the bong shop, condom shop and finally the mall. Same old, same old but I'm really glad I got to see them before school starts and my schedule starts getting crazy again.

The guys are now calling themselves 'The Breakfast Crew' but I'm going to call them 'The Breakfast Club', named after the movie about losers who go into cahoots with each other because they're that lame. LAAAAMMMME!

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